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I don't paint much. It's not my medium. Still there have been a few.

bookshadow painting

This was done sometime around 1986. The inspiration was from sitting outside at work, on break, reading Tama Janowitz's Slaves of New York in the late afternoon sun. The sunlight cast a strong diagonal shadow across the page.


pollock study


From sometime around 1988. I was taking art classes at Middlesex Community College and was in a painting class taught by Pattsy L.L. Bates (one of my favorite instructors). We were assigned to create a painting in the style of a famous painter. We were told to choose a painter we didn't like, because we probably already knew a lot about the painters we did like. I asked if I could instead choose a painter I didn't understand, and Pattsy agreed. So I chose Jackson Pollock, and ended up learning a lot about him and loving his work. It's a lot harder than you might think to dribble paint and have it come out looking like something, and not all running together into one big mess. This was my third try, finally successful after gleaning some clues from descriptions in biographies of Pollock's working habits.



I have designed posters for the Opera Theater of Connecticut since 1989. Here are a couple recent ones.

toscatraviata barber of seville


I have also created the occasional graphic for Hygienic Art, Inc. Here is one.

hygienic invite

Hygienic Art invitation from 2002